Good Relations Activities

Core work of Holywell Trust

Human Library Programme 
Delivered with local schools this project tackles prejudice and discrimination through hearing the stories from 'human books' - people with a story to share on their lived experience. Among our 'books' are - 'Transgender', 'Ex-Political Prisoner', 'Addict', 'Gay Man', Ex-Police' and 'Refugee'. This is a powerful programme that has a profound impact on the young people who take part. 

City Centre Forums
We organise forum events on a range of topics, creating the space for challenging but important conversations. Our recent fourm events have covered 'Deliverying Good Relations in a Political Vacuum',  'A Ctiziens' Assembly - Alternative Democractic Models' and, 'Creating Our Community Voice'. 
Teatime and Lunchtime Events
These sessions focus on best practice in community and good relations work and are a safe space for conversations on difficult topics. Some of our recent events have been on 'Galvanising The Peace', 'City Deal for Derry', 'Good Relations Exhibition' and Holocaust Memorial Day events. 
Garden of Reflection Events
In partnership with Inner City Trust, we have animated the Garden of Reflection space through a number of activities - screening events, music performances, Big Lunch Events and drama performances. 

For information on all our upcoming events see our Events page.