Holywell STEW

Community Fundraising Initiative

 The Holywell STEW is a simple idea, based on the Detroit SOUP model,  local
people make a small investment (£10 ticket), gather and share a community crowdfunding meal.

At the meal they hear proposals from a range of community projects, ‘stew’ over the ideas and vote on the idea to receive investment. The project empowers local people, promotes local philanthropy and builds new relationships and networks. 

In 2019 we are working on the third year of our programme - to date we have held 7 community dinners and raised over £2500 of investment for local community organisations. 

Groups involved in the project receive training on how to develop and deliver a successful pitch in advance of the community dinner. At the session we also use a consensus decision-making model (revised borda count) to make sure that the most popular pitch on the night receives the money gathered through ticket sales. Winning projects on the night have received between £330 and £650 to support their community initiatives. 

As important as the money raised are the connections that are developed between the pitching groups and the community on the night. Connections made through the STEW events have lasted welll beyond the community dinner and have led to volunteer support and advice. 

We are always looking for groups to pitch for support at our Holywell STEW events. If this is something that interests you get in touch.

Tickets for events coming up in May and June are available below.  ​​
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